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Billboard Design

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Outdoor or OOH (out of home) advertising is any form of branding done in the public area in form of billborad design, pole kiosk, digital billborad, vehicle focused advertising etc. to grab a customer’s attention.

In a day and age where millenials spend more time on roads driving, it becomes extremely important for brands to entertain them on the road while they make their way through the traffic.

Unique, interesting, thought-provoking, well designed, intelligently written billboards promise customer engagement. Lets face it, billboards are hard to avoid and amazingly created billboards are very very hard to avoid beacuse of their size and strategic presence. They cannot be switched off like a mobile
phone, tv or a newspaper. Hence, outdor marketing campaigns are beneficial and grab attention for a
minimum of 3-4 seconds to generate awareness for promote your brand.

Outdoor branding often allows you to communicate with the customers when they are outside and receptive to advertising. It may also help in making impluse buying decision for a person who is outdoor in order to shop something.