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Events and Activation

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Brands nowadays are increasingly becoming more customer centric and focusing on experiential marketing. Experiential marketing or engagement marketing is a marketing and brand promotion strategy wherein the customer directly engages and participates in the evolution of a brand experience. Instead of just passively looking at advertisements, the customer actively connects with the brand marketers in the production and creation of a marketing program or campaign. This helps in developing a long term relationship between the custome and the brand.

A lot of well-known brands have been using events and activations to build creadibility, popularity amongst the target audience and give the consumer an experience that makes them feel special and build a real connection with the brand.

When to market your brand through events and activations?

When you launch a product or service and want to create a buzz in the minds of the target audience. To reach out to the masses and leave a lasting impression on their mind through strategic use of consumer engagement techniques and innovative marketing channels that are memorable, make your brand go viral and involve the consumer through intelligently planned participation strategies. This process of making a brand known and promote in a way that is loved and remembered by consumers is called brand activation.