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An Explainer video is generally used on your company’s website to describe kind of work you do. Also known as homepage video, overview video or conversion video, explainer video describes your business, your products and the services you offer. These videos are very helpful to the customers and your target audiences to understand the services you offer in a very little time. The Explainer videos are generally 2 minutes long or even less than that, and even in such a short time, the video needs to so elaborative that the viewer gets a clear picture of your company.

Being one of the leading Explainer Video Companies in India and abroad, 13MS understands the
importance of an effective explainer video that will help you drive your target customers. We provide our client with the best explainer videos that would go ahead and aid in enhancing their presence in the market. We provide top-notch Explainer Video services that have meaningful information in a very short period of time. Making an effective and influential explainer video for any company is an art of mindfulness that needs high domain knowledge in the area. At 13MS, we have highly trained explainer video creators who have very in depth expertise in explainer video production, and they come up with professional Explainer Videos for our clients.